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Uploaded.net About

  • It has nice features such as remote file transfer, FTP file transfer in uploaded.net, which has been providing file download service for many years.
  • Undoubtedly, the best service offered by Uploaded.net is the uDrive program.
  • When you download this program and install it on your computer, it automatically uploads all the files in the folder you show on uploaded.net.
  • Uploaded.net is known as ul.to.
  • Supporting English, French, Turkish, German and Spanish languages, uploaded.net offers many file upload options for both individual users and corporate users.
  • If you want to search for files on this upload site, visit our uploadedsearch.net website. MP4, MPEG, AVI etc uploaded to the site.
  • Search video files, search for and download files such as MP3 easily, and get what you need without getting lost among all the other uploaded files.

Uploaded.net Premium Account Benefits

  • In corporate plans, Premium offers 500 GB of storage and 500 GB of monthly bandwidth per year for 268 Euros, while Premium Plus offers 1 TB of backup space and 1 TB of monthly bandwidth. If we look at the features of the Uploaded site, individual users; Free Membership has 2 GB storage space (maximum 1 GB per file) 5 GB bandwidth, which means file download limit, and non-premium members can download files at 70 kb / second.
  • Your uploaded files are deleted if they are not downloaded within 180 days.
  • When you receive a Premium membership for Uploaded, you will have a download limit of up to 500 GB and you will be able to download your files as fast as your system and internet support.

Make Money With Uploaded.net

  • If you want to make money with Ul.to, the system has a Business Partnership Program.
  • You can earn 60% money from the premium memberships you receive from the customers you send to the site, and you can earn 50% commission from someone who previously bought a premium and re-ordered.
  • If we look at the earnings per download system; uploaded gold, silver and bronze countries. While the gold group includes Germany - England - France - Spain - Canada Belgium - United States- Australia, between 3 and 100 MB files cost 8 euros to download 1000 times, 100-1000 MB files cost 30 euros to download 1000 times.
  • For the category of Denmark - Greece Italy - Japan - Netherlands - Poland - Russia Sweden - Switzerland - Austria in the silver category, it costs 4 euros to download 3 to 100 MB files, 8 euros to download 100 to 1000 MB files 1000 times.
  • Finally Bronze category, located in Turkey - Brazil - Argentina - Mexico country to the 3 / 100MB to 1000 times download for 1 Euro 100 / to 1000MB files 1000 Download 4 serves euros.

What does our website do?

  • For Uploaded.net site, you can search the files published on Google search engine free and easily from this site.
  • It offers shared and open shared files, documents, movies, music, archives, games, android programs, mp4, avi, mkv, mp3, apk, ios phone programs, drawing, music, 3d, animation, photos, programs and more.
  • You can search any name and format.